What a weekend for Team Cobras!!! 4/4 National League team wins... Cobras U14 Girls, Cobras U14 Boys, Cobras U16 Boys & Cobras U18 boys!! CVL wins for Cobras U10 & U12, tournament wins for U14 3v3!! Thankyou so much to coaches Martin, Kola, Edu, Eleanor, Gintare, Zvile, Andy, Steve & Iain. To Team managers Tracy, Lisa & Leane! To the tuck shop organiser Young Megan! Refs Peter & Joey, Vanessa, Ryan, Ben, Jack, Lana, Harry & Table officials Suzanne & Vanessa. Finally to all the players who represented the Cobras with great humility & passion. A special mention to Ben who reffed, TO’d, played u16 NL & U18 NL! Amazing team effort!! Feeling very tired but very proud!!


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